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Fabric: Riflepaper Wonderland Canvas (1 yard) and City Map Canvas (1 yard but cut into size
I have been putting a lot of random daily items like tools, dog bowl, detergent on my new washer and dryer before putting up my organizer shelving in the laundry room (procrastination 101). I realized that some of the stuff I've been putting is starting to leave either stains or may possibly scratch my washer and dryer. So I decided to make a nice cover mat for them. 
Cutting the big prints out from the 1 yard fabric
 found this fabric Riflepaper Wonderland Canvas a while ago on Riflepaper website and loved it. I made a mistake of buying only a yard of this and for such big prints like this, it is hard to use on big projects, or any projects because you basically have to build around the size of the print as opposed to the object you are sewing. So when I spread out this canvas, I realized I want to cut out the city prints and use other fabrics to quilt around it. I chose the same Riflepaper brand, but a different series for their colorful designs to contrast with the map. 
The canvas with "Rome" on it was slightly bigger than "Paris." So I put "Paris" on top of "Rome" and cut around it until both pieces are the same size.
The main point is so that the completed product will cover the top of a washing machine / dryer. My washing machine is front load. If you have a top load washing machine, maybe having a cover is not necessary, or it is more burdensome than it is convenient.

<![CDATA[Fix (Mending) Ripped Bedsheets]]>Sat, 08 Dec 2018 17:52:51 GMThttp://sewministudio.com/journal/fix-mending-ripped-bedsheets
While I was gone for a couple of weeks, my dog decided to tear up my new sheets in the spare bedroom because she was upset that I left her for so long. I came home to these jumbled sheets and an apologetic friend with a sheepish smile.
​No problem. Honestly, at first I thought about throwing these sheets away. I put this pile of mangled sheets on the top of the kitchen counter because it is too big for the trash can. Then, I felt guilty throwing this much new and perfectly good fabric away. I researched some uses online for old bedsheets and they all involve coming up with new creative projects. After two days of staring at this pile of broken sheets, I have decided to embrace it and mend these sheets.
I have a very basic sewing machine that I bought a couple of years back (and loved it! - I'll do a review on it later if anyone is interested). And I used the zig-zag function on this fabric tear. I also lined the bottom of it with a strip of regular quilt cotton fabric (which in retrospect is a great idea because sometimes the tear is slightly bigger than the width of the zig-zag). 

Here's the finishing look. It looks like a much less tear after I am done repairing it!
Have you mended anything? Share your experience in the comments!
<![CDATA[Handmade Craft Shops in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan]]>Thu, 20 Sep 2018 00:30:00 GMThttp://sewministudio.com/journal/handmade-shops-and-crafts-in-tokyo-japanAfter two weeks in Tokyo, having fed myself numerous delicious sashimi, bread, and rice balls, I have decided to venture out to discover the shops that sell handmade items in Japan. 

There is an area called Kuramae, in Taito area of Japan. Not too crowded on a Sunday afternoon. I scrolled around the areas and found a couple of new minimalistic designed shops with handmade items like leather goods, coffee, stationary, clothing, yarn, and small woodworks.
Kakimori Stationary Shop
Address: 1 Chome-6-2 Misuji, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 111-0055, Japan
Japanese Address: 台東區三筋1-6-2
Price $$$
Website: http://kakimori.com/english/retailers
This neat stationary shop is located in Taito area of Tokyo. It is hidden in a residential area but it is very much worth a separate trip for stationary enthusiast like me. Most of the items here are made by hand. The middle of the shop is a station that binds notebooks for you. You can pick out your own covers, bindings, and bookmarks. They will also stamp names on the leather covers if you request it.